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Embark on a transformative journey through the heart of Ecuador's Amazon rainforest, where ancient traditions and breathtaking natural beauty come together. This 8-day adventure offers a unique blend of spiritual experiences, cultural immersion, and thrilling activities. Discover hidden caves, learn from local shamans, explore lush canyons, and relax in the thermal springs of Baños. Join us for an unforgettable exploration that connects you deeply with the spirit of the Amazon.
  • Be part of an Ayahuasca Ceremony

  • Explore ancient caves for indigenous ceremonies

  • Explore the jungle by kayaking an Amazon River

  • Be part of the indigenous culture´s mysticism

  • Canyoning in the tropical rain forest

  • Make organic chocolate fondue with your hands

  • Hike in the Amazon Jungle searching for medicinal plants

  • Explore Baños City and relax at volcanic hot springs

  • Tasting local food and drinks

  • Lead by top adventure guides at every location

  • Sharing time with local indigenous people

  • Support sustainable travel to preserve culture and nature

In the realm of Kichwa shamans, Ayahuasca reigns as an emblem of profound cultural and spiritual significance. This sacred plant medicine is revered for its ability to facilitate healing, divination, and deep spiritual connection. At the heart of the Ayahuasca ceremony stands the shaman, an experienced healer and spiritual guide, who assumes a pivotal role in this transformative journey.
In the age-old traditions of the Kichwa people, the shaman becomes the conduit between the physical and spiritual realms by consuming Ayahuasca. Through this sacred brew, the shaman seeks to unlock insights into the body and spirit of the patient, delving into the depths of their being. By invoking spirits during the ceremony, the shaman embarks on a quest to diagnose and cure ailments, drawing upon the energies of water, wind, earth, mountains, trees, and lightning. The shaman’s enchanting songs and rituals serve as invitations to these spirits, igniting a mystical dance between worlds.
The Ayahuasca ceremony, an enchanting nocturnal affair, unfolds over the course of several hours. The shaman meticulously prepares the potent Ayahuasca brew by carefully boiling the leaves of the revered Psychotria viridis shrub and the sacred stalks of the Banisteriopsis caapi vine in water. Under the watchful guidance of the shaman, participants reverently partake in this elixir. As the brew takes hold, consciousness is altered, giving birth to profound visions, introspection, and emotional release that can traverse the boundaries of the soul.
Within the Kichwa tradition, Ayahuasca is regarded as a profound teacher and an unwavering disciplinarian. It is believed to bestow knowledge, healing, and spiritual guidance upon those who venture into its depths. The shaman, in their quest to master the art of shamanism with its profound healing and divination powers, may undergo rigorous training that involves daily consumption of Ayahuasca over several years. This arduous journey demands adherence to specific dietary restrictions and abstinence from sexual relationships—a path paved with discipline and sacrifice.
It is crucial to approach Ayahuasca ceremonies with the utmost respect and reverence, seeking the guidance of experienced shamans. These ceremonies provide a safe and supportive environment for participants to navigate the intensity and transformative nature of the Ayahuasca experience. Remember, Ayahuasca is a potent plant medicine, and its consumption should always take place under the supervision of qualified shamans or facilitators. It is not suitable for everyone, and individuals with specific medical conditions or those taking certain medications should exercise caution or refrain from partaking altogether. Prioritizing your safety and well-being is paramount when considering embarking on an Ayahuasca journey, and seeking counsel from qualified professionals is advised should any concerns or questions arise.

  • Caving

  • Canyoning

  • Kayaking

  • Ayahuasca ritual

  • Culture

  • Wildlife

Easy to Moderated
  • Year around

  • 18 years old

Full Itinerary

Day 1

Arrival day in Quito

Pick up at the airport and transfer to hotel.

Overnight at Hotel Dann Carlton
No meals included
Day 2

Caving at the Temple of Ceremony in the Amazon

Breakfast at hotel. We start our day with a scenery drive from the Andes to the Amazon, this road journey will give us beautiful landscapes from volcanos to a mega diverse ecosystem full of different species of plants and animals. At a forest entrance, we will deviate to visiting Templo de Ceremonia, a place known by the local kichwa indigenous people, for being used by their ancestors to do some kind of rituals involving the power of Ayahuasca and their connections with the Pachamama “Mother Earth”, we will enter into a cave where our local guide will tell us more about this special place.
Later we will have a traditional lunch from the area, and then continue driving to Cotundo village, to find our lodge to spend the night.

Overnight at Huasquila Lodge
Meals included: Breakfast, lunch, dinner
Day 3

Amazon canyoning – Medicinal plants learning – Relaxing pools

Breakfast at the lodge. We will drive south until we find the jungle homestay for our next adventure. This is a property that belongs to a powerful Shaman and is particularly known by its magical and energetic atmosphere. Once we are installed, we go explore on foot one of multiple spectacular canyons in the area while climbing some refreshing waterfalls. During the exploration we will be taught about the medicinal plans from the jungle and their daily use in different aspects for the locals. At our return from this exciting hike, a traditional lunch will be waiting for us. Afterwards we take a hidden road that´ll lead us to a local swimming hole comprised of natural lagoons where we can swim and cliff jump. We will be splashing in the water for some time before returning to our amazon homestay where we will have a treat in store! We approach the bonfire to learn how to make chocolate fondue. Cacao is an important commodity export for the country, which produces some of the finest chocolate in the world, the sweetest way to end the day!

Overnight at Amazon Homestay
Meal included: Breakfast, lunch, dinner
Day 4

Kayaking and paddling the Arajuno river – Meet a Shaman woman

Breakfast at homestay. Then we will drive until the point where we depart in kayak down the Arajuno river for a three-hour paddle towards a Kechwa community. This is considered a class I river--Calm and perfect for leisurely kayaking as the river is shallow with few rapids. On the way, be on the lookout for the myriad of birds that live in the towering treetops such as toucans, king fishers, oropendolas, parrots, swallows, hawks, and more. A pit stop takes us to refuel our energy with a visit on the side of the river to a local indigenous community.  We will have a traditional amazon lunch. During the afternoon we have the chance to learn from the only woman Shaman in the community. She will tell us about the experiences and the locals will recount stories of old as well as teach us their traditions within the community.
We jump back on our kayaks to continue paddling down river until we reach a bridge where our driver will be waiting for us to take us to the lodge.

Overnight: Selina Tena lodge
Meals included: Breakfast, lunch
Day 5

Shaman Ayahuasca spiritual experience

Breakfast at the lodge. In the morning we will take a hike of 2 hours in jungle forest for spotting wildlife. Later, we take our vehicle towards Ahuano, then by small barge to the island where the Shaman lives. We will be introduced to the use of Ayahuasca and start preparation for the ritual.
Aya Huasca also written Ayahuasca o Aya Waska “in kichwa” is a sacred vine, considered “the mother of all plants” and a mediator and translator between the human and plant worlds, helping humans and plants to communicate with each other. The Ayahuasca Ceremony is a special journey to visions and revelations to be in harmony with itself.
Participants are safe and taken care of by their guide. After drinking, candles are blown off and everybody rests on comfortable mattresses in the ceremonial space, waiting for the effects to manifest.
A unique spiritual experience guided by a lifetime prepared shaman form the kichwa community in the Amazon.

Overnight at Shaman´s property
Meals included: Breakfast
Day 6

Sacred waterfall and sharing experiences with Shaman

We will rest a lot during the morning and have a late breakfast. After regaining our energy, we will accompany the Shaman on a walk through the jungle, having a direct connection with nature. It will take us around 40 minutes to reach the sacred waterfall, where we will come into contact with the water, known as Yaku, which represents the blood of Pacha Mama (Mother Earth). We will share our visions from the previous night with the Shaman, and he will discuss these experiences with us. We will return to his home before departing for Baños de Agua Santa. Along the way, we will have a late lunch and will arrive at our next destination either very late in the afternoon or perhaps at night.

Overnight at Hotel La Floresta
Meals included: Breakfast, lunch
Day 7

Baños look ups - hot springs relaxing day and night of celebration

Breakfast at hotel. On this morning we will hike through a beautiful forest to Pailon del Diablo. A powerful cascade, this waterfall forms a small gorge with an overhanging bridge to be able to experience its majesty not only alongside the falls but also from above. There will also be time for optional activities like ziplining or shopping. We may visit Casa del Arbol, famous for its swing overlooking the valley in Baños and the Tungurahua volcano. Many will recognize this place as it won the photo contest of NatGeo in 2014. When we are back in town, a short walk through the colorful narrow streets will take us to the thermal springs a perfect place for relaxing. During the evening will go out for exploring the vibrant streets, get mixed with locals and find a nice and colorful place for our well-deserved farewell dinner.

Overnight at Hotel La Floresta
Meals included: Breakfast, lunch, farewell dinner
Day 8

Return to Quito

Breakfast at hotel. Depending on the flight schedule, arrival at the airport.

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    • Transportation: Driving time can take more than expected in Ecuador, as it is a small country with roads meandering through the Andes Mountains. We assure your comfort during transit no matter the size of the group.

    • Level of Activity: This trip is considered as 3 out of 5. No prior experience is required, and your guides will always brief you about safety and proper use of gear on every leg of the trip; Canyoning in the jungle you can expect hiking on water and rocks, and also climbing into some small waterfalls, kayaking is class one, and there will be a transport support for the majority of the activities in the case that someone wants to take a break or just wants to relax.

    • Weather: In Ecuador the weather can be vary greatly depending on which side of the Andes you are traveling to, so it is highly recommended to come ready for all kinds of weather. When they say “Ecuador, All in One Place” they mean it! The altitude determines the temperature and the higher you go the colder it gets. Don’t let the geographic location of the country fool you. Even at a mere 15,000 feet the temperatures can feel like those of a winter in the northern United States. During a visit to the amazon region, in 4 or 5-day visit, you will often see more or less the same amount of rain and sunshine. The Rainier Season in the Amazon Runs from December to June, with temperatures ranging from 23°C (73°F) to 30°C (86°F) and frequent rains throughout April and May. The Rainy Season has its pros because many plants have evolved to fruit and flower during the rainy season, a phenomenon which often attracts birds and primates to the water’s edge and grants visitors the chance to observe them more frequently. The Drier Season in the Amazon Lasts from July to November, with temperatures from 26°C (78°F) to 40°C (104°F), with less rain, though showers are still possible. The Dry Season also offers its own set of benefits, for its during this time that the water gets lower and attracts animals that you won’t often see during the rainy season. Beach nesting birds are everywhere, as there are more beaches present during this time.

    • Sustainability: We do our best to not produce any trash; we believe that recycling is not enough, so we try to avoid using any plastic or materials that pollute our environment. Every day we work towards being a zero-waste tour operator and our staff is well trained to leave the least impact possible in our service areas. We also work with local indigenous communities in the different regions. By doing so we are able to teach our guests about the rich culture Ecuador, all the while helping the people preserve their traditions and lands. By working directly with local peoples, we are able to create a sustainable touristic income for the community.

    • Guides: All our guides have a professional background from the Tourism University; this means they have a degree in guiding, so their knowledge and skills when leading a group are top-notch. Each guide has many years of experience and they all have taken additional courses for other outdoor activities as well as have International First-Aid certifications. On top of all of this, they are all extremely personable and strive to deliver travel experiences of a lifetime.

    • Health advices: No vaccinations needed for this trip.

    We do recommend travelling light for this expedition.  A duffel bag of 50 litters for your luggage and a backpack of 20 litters for daily activities should be sufficient. In Ecuador, the weather can change drastically especially when you are moving from the Andes to the Tropical rain forest.

    • Passport

    • Credit card

    • Two pairs of lightweight hiking pants

    • Two pairs of shorts

    • Two bathing suits

    • Three non-cotton T-shirts

    • One cotton T-shirts

    • One water T-shirt

    • One fleece

    • One rain jacket

    • One pair of tennis shoes

    • One pair of water sandals

    • One cap or hat

    • Sunscreen

    • Sunglasses

    • Mosquito repellent

    • Camera

    • Head lamp

    • Optional binoculars

    NOTE: Laundry is available almost at every location and is cheap, this helps traveling light too.

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