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Adventure in Nature

The creation of Activexpedition is to inspire adventure travelers to explore our world from a different perspective. At Activexpedition we prioritize eco-friendly activities in every destination we go as well as support local people and traditions through sustainability efforts.

Our mission is to deliver educational experiences of a lifetime with stellar service and provide human powered holidays that go beyond typical adventure travel.

Our CEO Christian Valencia, coming from a professional background through the tourism university in Quito-Ecuador, has been in the industry for fifteen years and has lead around seven hundred expeditions involving over ten thousand happy travelers from all over the world. After being a freelance guide for eight years for many travel companies mostly from the US, in 2012 he created Ecuador Pure Life and in 2018 Adventure Journeys, where he guided and developed one-of-a-kind adventure itineraries. Now Christian has embarked on this new epic project to focus on multi-activity expeditions for small groups.

Jose Naranjo

Tour Guide

  • Quito, Ecuador
Rafael Arevalo

Tour Guide

  • Cuenca, Ecuador
Cesar Romero

Operations Dep.

  • Quito, Ecuador
Daniel Solano

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  • Quito, Ecuador
  • Quito, Ecuador
Carlos Burbano

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  • Quito, Ecuador


Photo and video

We want to give a special thanks to the following people that colaborate with us with their photos and videos

Ondrej Zaruba (Galápagos and Wuaorani)
Oscar Visuete (Galápagos, Andes)
Kayla Altman (Active Ecuador)
Stefan Kardos (Amazon Jaguar)
Indy Van Overbeek (Amazon Kayak)