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Adventure in Nature

The creation of Activexpedition is to inspire adventure travelers to explore our world from a different perspective. At Activexpedition we prioritize eco-friendly activities in every destination we go as well as support local people and traditions through sustainability efforts.

Our mission is to deliver educational experiences of a lifetime with stellar service and provide human powered holidays that go beyond typical adventure travel.

Our CEO Christian Valencia, coming from a professional background through the tourism university in Quito-Ecuador, has been in the industry for fifteen years and has lead around seven hundred expeditions involving over ten thousand happy travelers from all over the world. After being a freelance guide for eight years for many travel companies mostly from the US, in 2012 he created Ecuador Pure Life and in 2018 Adventure Journeys, where he guided and developed one-of-a-kind adventure itineraries. Now Christian has embarked on this new epic project to focus on multi-activity expeditions for small groups.

Guide Information

Guide Name: Christian Valencia
Certified: Yes
Years of experience: 16
Wilderness Advanced First Aid Responder: Yes
Passions: MTB, Kayaking, Family
Regions: Ecuador, The Galapagos, Colombia, Peru
Extra courses: Bike Mechanics, Ropes

Guide Information

Guide Name: Oscar Vizuete
Certified: Yes National tour guide #635
Years of experience: 18
Wilderness Advanced First Aid Responder: Yes
Passions: Biking, kayaking, hiking, river rafting
Regions: Ecuador mainland, The Galapagos.
Extra courses: Tour leader training, Professional Photography

Guide Information

Guide Name: Daniel Maldonado
Certified: Yes
Years of experience: 11
Wilderness Advanced First Aid Responder: Yes
Passions: Biking, hiking, rafting, playing guitar, swimming
Regions: Ecuador, The Galapagos, Colombia, Peru
Extra courses: Birdwatching, tropical ecology.

Guide Information

Guide Name: Jose Jijon
Certified: Program facilitator
Years of experience: 9
Wilderness Advanced First Aid Responder: Yes. WFR course with NOLS
Passions: biking, kayaking, hiking, bike packing, back packing snorkeling, horse back riding, family guiding
Regions: highlands, Galapagos Islands
Extra courses: Courses with Outward Bound: ABC course Adventure – Base Counseling and groups management High rope senior instructor course. Leave No Trace instructor course. Backpacking expeditions instructor. Organic and regenerative agriculture courses

Guide Information

Guide Name: Maximo Cartagena
Certified: Yes naturalist guide #635
Years of experience: 12
Wilderness Advanced First Aid Responder: Yes
Passions: Diving, snorkeling, biking, kayaking, hiking, family and friends
Regions: Galapagos Islands
Extra courses: Dive master, naturalist underwater

Guide Information

Guide Name: Martin Cox
Certifications: Galapagos Naturalist Guide
Years of experience: 5
Passions: Guiding, Photography, friends, workout
Regions: The Galapagos Islands
Extra courses: First Aid

Guide Information

Guide Name: Maritza Garcia
Certified: Galapagos Maturalist Guide
Years of experience: 10
Passions: Guiding, Crossfit, Cycling
Regions: The Galapagos Islands
Extra courses: First Aid

Guide Information

Guide Name: Tomas Palma
Certified: Yes National Tour Guide #651
Years of experience: 25
Wilderness Advanced First Aid Responder: Yes
Passions: Biking, kayaking, endurance on motorcycles, trekkings, mentor with families(kids)
Regions: All Ecuador, Galapagos.
Extra courses: Birdwatching, arqueology, hospitality.



Eco consciousness is a priority - zero waste

Our strong commitment to environmental sustainability. High importance on environmentally friendly practices and aiming to minimize waste in all aspects of our operations.

Off-the-beaten-path expeditions

We take our travelers to destinations and adventures that are not commonly explored, providing them with the opportunity to discover hidden gems, local cultures, and create memorable journeys that go beyond typical tourist routes.

Small groups of up to 10 people to keep environmental impact at a minimum

Dedication to responsible and sustainable tourism. By limiting group sizes, we prioritize minimizing the environmental footprint of our expeditions.

Top of the line gear

Our company provides the highest quality equipment and gear for the expeditions. The goal is to ensure safety, comfort, and enjoyment of travelers during the adventures.

Safety first

Our commitment to the well-being and security of our customers. Safety is a top priority in all aspects of our expeditions, from equipment and guides to procedures and emergency protocols.

Private expeditions

Tailored adventures to the specific interests and preferences of individual clients or small groups, offering a high degree of privacy and customization.

Experienced English-speaking guides with professional backgrounds

Our guides fluent in English and also bring a wealth of experience and professionalism to the expeditions. We ensure that travelers receive informative, engaging, and expertly guided experiences, enhancing the overall quality of their journeys.

Value for the money

Our commitment to providing customers with a worthwhile and cost-effective experience. Our tours offer a balance between the price they pay and the exceptional value they receive.

Flexibility for activities do more and see more

Dedication to providing travelers with versatile and customizable experiences. Participants are welcome to tailor their itineraries, adding activities and sights of personal interest.

Guaranteed group departures

We assure the running of our scheduled shared expeditions. Once a group tour is confirmed, it will proceed as planned, providing reliability and peace of mind to customers.

Tailor-made expeditions

Experience on crafting personalized and bespoke travel experiences. We aim to cater to the unique preferences, interests, and desires of individual travelers or groups. This flexibility empowers travelers to maximize their adventures and ensures that they can make the most of their journey.

Self-guided expeditions

Tour options available so that individuals or groups may explore destinations independently. These expeditions provide travelers with the freedom to set their own pace, choose their activities, and navigate their adventures without a traditional guide.

Super competitive rates

We strive to provide travelers with cost-effective options, making your expeditions attractive to budget-conscious customers. Value for travelers´ money while still maintaining high-quality experiences.


Photo and video

We want to give a special thanks to the following people that colaborate with us with their photos and videos

Ondrej Zaruba (Galápagos and Wuaorani)
Oscar Visuete (Galápagos, Andes)
Kayla Altman (Active Ecuador)
Stefan Kardos (Amazon Jaguar)
Indy Van Overbeek (Amazon Kayak)