• Where is Ecuador?

In South America, south of Colombia and north of Perú.


  • What languages do people speak in Ecuador?

Spanish is the main, and there are other ones that are spoken by indigenous people.


  • What is the currency?

US dollars.


  • How big is Ecuador?

16 million people.


  • How is the landscape in Ecuador?

It has four regions, Pacific coast, high Andes mountains, Amazon tropical rainforest and The Galapagos islands.


  • How is the weather and seasons?

It depends very much on which side of the Andes you go to, but there are many factors that determine the weather of Ecuador, like the equator line, the high Andes, and the sea currents. Also depends on what altitude you are going to be at, by the sea level temperatures average up to 90F but in the Andes temperatures average around 50-70F on the same day, so it is better to come prepared, bring shorts and sandals but also winter pants and warm jackets.


  • Is there WIFI everywhere?

In most of the places, but when going into remote areas like the amazon, expect to be disconnected from technology.





  • What kind of outdoor activities are there in Ecuador?

Biking, Kayaking, Rafting, Hiking, Trekking, Climbing, Surfing.


  • What kind of outdoor activities are there in The Galapagos?

Biking, Kayaking, Hiking, Surfing, Snorkeling, Diving.





  • Is there a tax when coming into Ecuador?

Yes, it is included in your plane ticket!


  • Is there a tax when leaving from Ecuador?

Yes, it is included in your plane ticket!


  • How many international airports are there in Ecuador?

Two, one in Guayaquil on the coast and one in Quito the capital.


  • How do I get to the hotel from/to the airport?

You can arrange a private transport with the travel agency, or you can take a taxi, in Quito takes about one hour, and in Guayaquil twenty minutes.





  • How is the Ecuadorian food?

Very diverse, Ecuadorians eat a lot of rice, potato and meat, also a lot of fresh vegetables and fruit.


  • Is there seafood in Ecuador?

Yes, everywhere you go in Ecuador you will find a seafood restaurant, among the popular dishes are ceviches, mixed rice, coconut salsa.


  • Is there good liquor in Ecuador?

There are a lot of local brands, especially of sugarcane rum, but in bars in main cities you can always find good whiskey or international liquor, by the way it is expensive, so if you have a chance to get your bottle at the duty free before coming is a great idea.


  • How old do I have to be to drink liquor legally in Ecuador?

18 years old.


  • How much should I tip for a drink or a meal?

For a drink 1usd, for meals 10%.


  • How much should I tip guides and drivers?

Recommended for guides 10usd a person per day, for drivers 5usd a person per day.


  • Is there a vegetarian and vegan food in Ecuador?

Yes, absolutely, super food comes from Ecuador, quinoa, lupin, amazing beans and salads are popular.


  • How much should I expect to pay for a meal?

For lunch 5 – 8 dollars, for dinner 15 – 25 dollars.





  • How are the roads?

Most of the roads are in great condition, only when you get into the national parks and reserves, they are a bit bumpy.


  • How is the public transport?

On highways is ok, but in cities is better to travel by taxi, is cheap and safe.


  • How much time driving takes?

Longer than normal, as Ecuador has very irregular terrain, 60 miles would take 2 hours.





  • What do I have to do in case of emergency?

Call 911.


  • How are the public hospitals in Ecuador?

They are nice and you can be attended as a foreigner free of charge


  • Is Ecuador safe?

Yes, but we recommend you not to be late at night walking on empty and dark streets, then during the daytime is totally fine, just be aware of pickpockets in crowded places.


  • Is the water ok to drink in Ecuador?

Do not drink water from the tap, ask always purified water in restaurants or hotels to refill your bottles.


  • Is it ok to eat veggies and fruit?

Yes, but make sure you wash them really well first.


  • Is the ocean ok to swim?

Yes, most of the beaches, but recheck always with the local people.


  • Are there vaccines I need to travel to Ecuador?

Only when you enter the deep amazon, yellow fever and malaria medication


  • If I need medicine is easy to find?

Yes, there are pharmacies all over the place.