Responsible Travel

Responsible Travel

Working with the Locals

At Activexpeition we are dedicated to not just providing an experience to those who choose to tour with us but to providing a sustainable means of living to the people who make our tours possible: the locals. That is why every aspect of our trips are 100% run by people from the destination country. From eating at family-owned restaurants and hotels to visiting smaller off-the-beaten path locations in order to provide to families that would normally wouldn’t have the means—we Actively make sure that your experience helps the people that call these places home.

Responsible Travel

Encouraging people to protect their environment

The preservation of culture and tradition is an integral part of any Activexpedition– In many of our trips we include visits to Indigenous communities such as: Kichwa, Shuar, Wuaoranis and more. Although in this day and age many frown upon the idea of developing tourism in these communities we see it as one of the best ways to show our appreciation to the past. When we visit these tribes, we not only spend time with the people but in some cases, we stay at their homes or lodges, cook alongside them, and learn about their traditions and language. Just as parents pass on what they have learned to their children in order to preserve these teachings, these people are sharing their experiences and their lives with us in order for us to be able to do the same. Tourism is non-destructive and, when done right, one of the best ways to help protect these communities from acts of mining and deforestation. Your visit not only helps give a means of life to the people but helps them continue preserving their culture for generations to come.

Responsible Travel

Leave No Trace

We take Leave No Trace to the next level. Everywhere we attempt to keep our trash production under 10%. Any trash that is produced we make sure to recycle and are diligent in separating organics for compost, papers and plastics, and non-recyclables. During hikes you may even see us picking up trash along the way. All guides and drivers follow the same standards and we make sure that our guests help us out in trying to leave our destinations cleaner and healthier.

Responsible Travel

Reducing Carbon Emissions

We prioritize human-powered activities to cut down on employing transport that produces huge carbon emissions. Much of our itineraries involve moving between locations by bike, kayak or hiking. The reason why we have a strict ten-person cap on all tour groups is to be able to use the smallest (yet most comfortable) vans and minibuses which are not only easier to maintain but require less fuel. All flights to and from the Galapagos booked with our help are on airlines that use carbon-offsetting and green initiatives such as investments in renewable energy and reforestation.

Carbon Offsetting

Activexpedition has started carbon offsetting its trips by planting a tree per guest for every expedition they participate in. Currently these reforestation projects are taking place in the following locations: Yasuni, Polylepis Forest in the high Andes, and Punin . The reforestation projects taking place in the Amazon region (Yasuni and Punin) focus on planting cedros, chunchos y manzano dorado trees which attract macaws and other bird species which help propagate the species.

Responsible Travel


1. Childhood Guardian of the Amazon Project: Cultivating Community Tourism

Activexpedition offers a nature-friendly tourist experience that is committed to the material and cultural conditions of existence of the communities in the area. In Napo, an Amazonian province, the Kichwa community of the Arajuno River awaits us. It consists of 20 families with a total of 150 people. Among them, 18 girls and boys, aged between 4 and 11, attend the community school.

Each member of this community considers themselves a guardian of the Amazon rainforest. As a result, they have designated a specific area for agriculture and have reduced their hunting activities, allowing for coexistence with the fauna.

The tourism promoted by Activexpedition has enabled the community to offer appropriate infrastructure for visitors. Using environmentally respectful techniques, cabins have been built with beds, bathrooms, and showers that provide a pleasant experience while avoiding pollution of the vast forest that oxygenates the planet.

In line with our commitment to reducing carbon emissions, entry to the community is done via kayaking. During a three-hour navigation, visitors can enjoy the magical landscape of the Arajuno River.

The community warmly welcomes tourists with food gathered on the same day, ensuring an unforgettable encounter with nature. They also showcase their cultural expressions such as dances and rituals that bring to life the myths and ancestral beliefs that govern community relationships.

Activexpedition is committed to leaving a lasting impact on the Kichwa community of Arajuno. We provide training to community members for tourism that is committed to the forests and future generations. Ten percent of the proceeds from this expedition are dedicated to improving the living conditions of the community, training its members, and educating their children, so that their roles as guardians of the forest are complemented by community tourism that ensures sustainability.

Visiting the Kichwa community of Arajuno is a life-changing experience that allows for sharing with the guardians of the forests, improving their conditions of existence, and strengthening relationships among community members to ensure the longevity of their culture and environment for future generations.

2. Galapagos Free of Invasive Species Project

Activexpedition offers a tourist experience that enhances the charm of the Galapagos Islands while contributing to the preservation of endemic species. It is well known that Isabela Island is the largest in the archipelago and is home to unique species such as pink iguanas, saddleback giant tortoises, flamingos, small penguins, and more.

However, these species are threatened by the proliferation of invasive species. Among them, the blackberry and the guava are known as the worst pests in the Galapagos, as their rapid spread closes off pathways for species like the tortoises, their thorns can cause injuries to various animals, and the propagation of both species suffocates the local flora.

Those who visit the Galapagos with Activexpedition will have the opportunity to explore and enjoy all the wonders that have earned this archipelago the nickname of the “Enchanted Islands.” Moreover, they can contribute to preserving these charms for future generations. One of the adventures we embark on in Isabela Island is the manual extraction of blackberry and guava bushes as a way to give back to nature for the marvels it presents before our eyes.

In the same location, visitors can learn about the details of one of the emblematic products of the archipelago: Galapagos coffee, the only one with a designation of origin in Ecuador. This product, as they will discover during their visit, has been harvested on the islands since the 19th century and, although it is an introduced species, it has been friendly to the local species. It contributes to enriching the volcanic soil and has fostered the development of sustainable tourism and the local economy.

This life-changing experience allows visitors to enjoy the flora, fauna, and landscapes of the Galapagos Islands while cooperating with nature to ensure the marvel of its biodiversity remains available for future generations.

3. Encounter of Two Worlds in the Heart of Yasuni Project

Arriving at Yasuni National Park by river feels like navigating through the bloodstream of Nature, towards its very core. The landscape of devastation is left behind: the burning of gas lighters, the constant roar of the oil industry, and the clamor of civilization are suddenly silenced by the overwhelming presence of the Amazon rainforest.

The conservation of this sanctuary of Nature is only possible thanks to guardians who maintain an ancestral relationship of belonging and respect with it. Activexpedition offers the opportunity to meet a forest guardian family, composed of around 16 individuals: three generations of Waorani indigenous people uphold the ancient legacy that urges them to perpetuate life.

In addition to marveling at the flora and fauna of the pristine jungle, those who embark on this adventure will have the opportunity to contribute to the work of the guardians of the upper Amazon basin. Activexpedition is committed to providing training, infrastructure, and furniture that enable this Waorani family to sustain themselves through tourism that leaves no ecological footprint on the jungle and does not excessively influence their ancestral culture.

The collective effort of the visitors, Activexpedition, and the forest guardians confronts threats to the planet’s life, such as the expansion of agricultural frontiers, deforestation, and pollution.

This is a life-changing experience in the heart of Yasuni that contributes to the perpetuation of the material conditions of existence for the peoples who have, generation after generation, undertaken the commitment to care for the forests and life on the planet.

4. Bringing Smiles and Dental Care to the Waorani Community

In a groundbreaking initiative this March, Activexpedition is embarking on a mission to provide essential dental care to the children of the Waorani community. With a deep commitment to improving the lives of underprivileged communities, Activexpedition is determined to bring smiles and brighter futures to these young ones.

Activexpedition’s project aims to address the urgent need for dental care in the Waorani community, located in the heart of the Amazon rainforest. In this remote region, access to healthcare is limited, and dental care is often overlooked. Recognizing the detrimental effects of untreated dental issues on children’s overall health and well-being, Activexpedition is dedicated to making a difference.

The team of passionate dental professionals and volunteers will set up a temporary dental clinic in the heart of the Waorani community. Equipped with state-of-the-art dental tools and equipment, they will offer comprehensive dental check-ups, cleanings, and treatments to children in need. Through education and awareness programs, Activexpedition will also empower the community to take charge of their oral health, promoting preventive measures and healthy habits.

The Activexpedition team understands the significance of cultural sensitivity and will work closely with the Waorani community leaders and elders to ensure a harmonious partnership. By fostering trust and mutual respect, the project aims to create a lasting impact that extends beyond the initial mission.

To achieve its noble goal, Activexpedition relies on the support and generosity of individuals and organizations alike. Monetary donations play a pivotal role in securing the necessary resources, including dental supplies, transportation, and accommodations for the team. Every contribution, no matter the size, can make a tangible difference in the lives of these children.

Activexpedition welcomes and appreciates monetary donations towards this vital cause. By providing financial support, you become an integral part of this life-changing journey. Together, we can ensure that the children of the Waorani community receive the dental care they desperately need, improving their overall health and empowering them to lead brighter futures.

Activexpedition’s project to bring dental care to the children of the Waorani community is a testament to their unwavering commitment to making a positive impact on underprivileged communities. Through their expertise, dedication, and your generous support, Activexpedition is poised to transform the lives of these children, giving them reasons to smile and hope for a better tomorrow. Join us in this noble endeavor by making a monetary donation today. Together, we can create lasting change and bring oral health to those who need it the most.