Ecuador MTB Enduro $2990

Departure Date

Every Sunday


9 days 8 nights



Maximum Seats


A mountain biker’s dream, this expedition is truly exhilarating and one-of-a-kind! Explore the best-of-the-best trails in Ecuador. From amazing single-track in varying ecosystems to bumpy and adrenaline pumping ascents with panoramic views—this is one adventure you don’t want to miss. Cross the country from the high and brisk Andes, deep into the Cloud Forest, and meander down towards the sunny Coast. Take the ride of your life while learning about Ecuador’s vibrant culture.

Accommodation is provided at charming eco-lodges and colonial Haciendas.
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  • Bike the lost trails of the Ecuadorian Andes

  • Use quality gear including full suspension bikes

  • Visit some of the most beautiful Volcanoes of Ecuador

  • Discover many ecosystems including dry valleys, high volcano land, and cloud forest!

  • Learn about the Culture of the Andes

  • Soak in volcanic hot springs

  • View Vicuñas in the wild

  • Wine and beer tasting

  • Enjoy delicious gastronomy

  • Stay at unique places in every location

  • Be led by top Activexpedition experienced guides

  • Support sustainable travel to preserve culture and nature

  • Mountain Biking

  • Culture

  • Wildlife

Skill Level 7 – Advanced
Fitness Level 6

Valle de la Muerte

Infiernillo trail

El Chota trail

Mamarumi trail

Hieleros trail

  • All year (Best time: from June to October)

  • 12 years old

Full Itinerary

Day 1

Arrival Day

There are no activities planned for your first day for you to be able to explore the beautiful city of Quito on your own terms, but if you feel like having a guided day tour at extra cost, do not hesitate in contacting us. We are always more than happy to send you with one of our expert guides to learn more about the city or the surrounded areas. Please keep in mind that there is a meeting at 18:00 in the hotel’s lobby the first day to meet your guide and the rest of the group as well as learn about what’s in store for the days of your expedition!

Overnight: Dann Carlton or similar
Meals included: none.
Day 2

Valle de La Muerte

Today we will drive up to the Pichincha volcano at 15.000 feet, along the way we will have beautiful views of Andean farms near Lloa village, once at the basecamp of this reserve we will walk our bikes to the summit of this Active Volcano, on clear days is possible to see the crater, after a safety talk we will start riding one of the most epic single tracks of this region, the first part will be on sand and then down the grassland of the Andean paramo, later we continue connecting the DH trails of the Slopes of Teleferico trails into the forest and then ending in the City of Quito.

Overnight: Dann Carlton or similar
Meals included: Breakfast and lunch
Day 3

The Infiernillo Trail

From bed to bike our ride starts in the morning from our hotel near the Pululahua Geobotanical Reserve. Pululahua is one of the few calderas in the world where people reside. The area is generally cloudy as this is where the hot current from the pacific reaches the cold altitude of the sierra creating a hugely biodiverse ecosystem. We pedal alongside the breeze leisurely downwards on single track and into a rich green forest. Ending with a beautiful view of the river valley, we will continue down a dirt road to meet up with our transport to the lodge.

Overnight: Yellow Guest House or similar.
Meals included: Breakfast, lunch and dinner.
Day 4

El Chota Trail

Fueling up with a healthy breakfast, we will drive north on the Pan-American Highway passing Ibarra and the stunning Imbabura volcano. Our days’ adventure begins near Laguna Yahuarcocha on the El Chota trail through rocky terrain, narrow passes, and dry forest. The valley where the ride will take place is generally breezy and dry as the mountain ranges that line its sides act as a shield for oncoming storms. After hours of twists, turns, bumps, and loads of adrenaline we will head back to the hacienda by car to unwind. For those interested in shopping for souvenirs to take home, our driver is readily available to take guests to the Otavalo Market, located a mere 10 minutes from the hacienda.

Overnight: Yellow Guest House or similar.
Meals included: Breakfast, lunch and dinner.
Day 5

Hot Springs and Spa

Today is to relax and recover, after an scenic drive over the estern range of the Andes we will arrive to Papallacta, at the hots prings you can take a refreshing dip into varying pools of hot a cold volcanic waters, and reinvigorate your body, mind, and soul. If you so choose there are also optional services offered at the facility such as massages and facials. Within the Cayambe Coca Ecological Reserve, where the springs reside, there are also many winding trails to explore for those of you who prefer to be more active. Along the trails it is possible to see orchids, hummingbirds and other varying types of flora and fauna. In the afternoon we will head towards Cotopaxi province to spend the night.

Overnight: Hato Verde or similar.
Meals included: Breakfast and lunch.
Day 6

Cotopaxi Volcano Trails

In the morning we will have a short drive, once we check in at the entrance of the reserve we continue by car to the Parqueadero at 14.000 feet, there we get ready for our fist ride down the Owls canyon trail, a mix of sandy and rocky single tracks with a great view of the northern side of the Cotopaxi Volcano, at the end of these trail our driver will pick us up to take us back to the Parqueadero, our second trail will be the Holy Ridge with an steep start on a sandy trail, we continue with a grassy section with some small fun jumps and end into a narrow ravine. Our driver will take us one more time to the top and we will ride The Flight of the Condor trail, a very fast trail next to an impressive canyon, this trail ends with a single track next to the rocky volcanic material from Cotopaxi last eruption. After a picnic and some drinks, we will drive south to Chimborazo province.

Overnight: La Andaluza Hacienda or similar.
Meals included: Breakfast and lunch.
Day 7

Los Hieleros Trail

To the heights we go southbound to the Chimborazo Wildlife Reserve. Chimborazo is the tallest volcano in the country as well as the closet point to the sun if measured from the center of the earth! Warming up with a trek, we ascend up from the first basecamp at 16.000 ft (4.800m), to the second basecamp at almost 17,000 feet (5.000m). After getting our hearts pumping, we will then go back down to start our day of biking. Named after the dying tradition of collecting ice from the glaciers of Chimborazo, the Hieleros trail makes its way through sandy and rocky terrain and into the Polylepis forest ending near the city of Guaranda. The snowy peaks, multi-colored paths of volcanic sediment, and endless sea of blue Ecuadorian sky on this ride make it a real treat for those seeking to be left breathless.

Overnight: La Guilena Hotel or similar.
Meals included: Breakfast, lunch and dinner
Day 8

Mama Rumi Trail

They say to save the best for last and our last ride of this expedition surely checks that box! Mama Rumi Trail is considered one of the top trails for mountain biking in South America and is home turf to the world-renowned Mami Rumi Downhill Race— a heart-pumping, wild ride filled with switchbacks from the high and breezy Andes mountains down to the humid banana plantations of the coast. This trail follows a centuries old Incan footpath used to transport goods and even the local hooch to avoid taxation. Spend the day riding the expanse of the trail ending in between the banana trees on our final day of this adventure.

Overnight: Dann Carlton or similar.
Meals included: Breakfast and lunch
Day 9


As you depart we thank you and wish you safe travels to wherever your final destination may be! If you wish to continue exploring more of Ecuador, we can help you organize an extension trip to places you did not see during this trip. We thank you for choosing us and hope to see you soon!

Meals included: Breakfast


    • Experienced & Certified English-Speaking Guides

    • Private Transport

    • Accommodation 8 nights

    • Meals as listed in the Itinerary

    • Water and snacks available whenever

    • - Biking gear: (Trek Fuel EX5, “full suspension” whit Shimano SLX brakes), helmets, pads and gloves

    • All fees to reserves and museums

    • International or domestic flights

    • Meals not mentioned in the itinerary

    • Tips for guides and drivers

    • Travel Insurance – mandatory

    • Airport Transfers

    • Itinerary Disclaimer: Even though we have a detailed itinerary changes can be made by your guides, due to weather or for safety reasons. Please also note that none of the wildlife sightings mentioned in the itinerary are guaranteed.

    • Visas and Passports: Make sure you check your visa and passport validity and requirements per country. It is important your passport is valid for at least 6 months before your date of travel.

    • Accommodation: We strive to use small and charming places that are unique and provide stellar service.

    • Single Supplement Costs: Generally this fee is not incurred as we match you with another person of the same gender in a twin room, but if you prefer not to share and have your own room, there will be an associated fee

    • Transportation: Driving time can take more than expected in Ecuador, as it is a small country with roads meandering through the Andes mountains. We assure your comfort during transit no matter the size of the group.

    • Gear: At Activexpediton we always make sure our guests have top of the line gear from well-known and reputable international brands as we understand that the best gear gives extra confidence to our riders. For biking we use Trek Top Fuel, and for protection we use Bontrager and Fox.

    • - Level of Activity: This trip is considered as challenging and technical, meaning you need to have experience, however your guides will teach you every day how to ride on the varying terrain. The whole trip involves a mix of trails and roads, some on dirt, rocks, grass and gravel. Every ride is about 20 miles, and the elevation gain can be 1000 feet a day, if people want to do more elevation gain, our guides will be happy to do longer rides. There will always be transport support close to the trails, and guides will be in contact with the driver by radio.

    • - Weather and Elevation: In Ecuador the weather can be very variable depending on which side of the Andes you are traveling to, so it is highly recommended to come ready for all kinds of weather. When they say “Ecuador, All in One Place” they mean it! The altitude determines the temperature and the higher you go the colder it gets. Don’t let the geographic location of the country fool you. Even at a mere 15,000 feet the temperatures can feel like those of a winter in the northern United States. The coastal lowlands in the western part of Ecuador are typically warm with temperatures in the region of 25 °C (77 °F). Coastal areas are affected by ocean currents and between January and April are hot and rainy. The weather in Quito is consistent with that of a subtropical highland climate. The average temperature during the day is 70 °F (21 °C), which generally falls to an average of 50 °F (10 °C) at night. The average temperature annually is 64 °F (17.8 °C). There are only really two seasons in the city: dry and wet. The dry season runs from June to September and the wet season is from October to May.

    • Sustainability: We do our best to not produce any trash; we believe that recycling is not enough so we try to avoid using any plastic or materials that pollute our environment. Every day we work towards being a zero waste tour operator and our staff is well trained to leave the least impact possible in our service areas. We also work with local indigenous communities in the different regions. By doing so we are able to teach our guests about the rich culture Ecuador, all the while helping the people preserve their traditions and lands. By working directly with local peoples we are able to create a sustainable touristic income for the community.

    • Guides: All our guides have a professional background from the Tourism University, this means they have a degree in guiding, so their knowledge and skills when leading a group are top-notch. Each guide has many years of experience and they all have taken additional courses for other outdoor activities as well as have International First-Aid certifications. On top of all of this they are all extremely personable and strive to deliver travel experiences of a lifetime.

    • Health Advisory: No vaccinations needed for this trip

    We do recommend travelling light for this expedition. A duffel bag of 50 litters for your luggage and a backpack of 20 litters for daily activities should be sufficient. In Ecuador, the weather can change drastically especially when you are moving from the Andes into the cloud forest.

    • Passport

    • Credit card

    • Two pairs of lightweight hiking pants

    • Two pairs of shorts

    • Three pairs of biking shorts or pants

    • One bathing suits

    • 3 – 4 Biking Jerseys

    • One cotton T-shirt

    • One water T-shirt

    • One warm jacket

    • One fleece

    • One rain jacket

    • One pair of rain pants

    • Two buffs

    • One pair of tennis shoes

    • One pair of water sandals or similar

    • Optional – personal cleats and shoes

    • Optional – pads for extra protection

    • One- or two-night outfits

    • One cap or hat

    • Sunscreen

    • Sunglasses

    • Mosquito repellent

    • Camera

    • Head lamp

    • Optional binoculars

    NOTE: Laundry is available almost at every location and it is cheap, this helps traveling light too.

    Regular Season Price based on number of guests:


    $2691/per person

    • All premium features

    • Solo travelers are welcome on sharing room basis otherwise single supplement applies

    • Apply on these dates

    2 - 3 guests

    $2990/per person

    • All premium features

    • Every sunday

    4 or more guests

    $2300/per person

    • All premium features

    • Every sunday

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