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The creation of Activexpedition is to inspire adventure travelers to explore our world from a different perspective. At Activexpedition we prioritize eco-friendly activities in every destination we go as well as support local people and traditions through sustainability efforts.

Our mission is to deliver educational experiences of a lifetime with stellar service and provide human powered holidays that go beyond typical adventure travel.

Our CEO Christian Valencia, coming from a professional background through the tourism university in Quito-Ecuador, has been in the industry for fifteen years and has lead around seven hundred expeditions involving over ten thousand happy travelers from all over the world. After being a freelance guide for several years, Christian has embarked on this new epic project to focus on multi-activity expeditions for exclusive groups.

  • Eco consciousness is a priority - zero waste

  • Off-the-beaten-path expeditions

  • Small groups of to keep environmental impact at a minimum

  • Top of the line gear

  • Safety first

  • Private expeditions

  • Experienced English-speaking guides with professional backgrounds

  • Value for the money

  • Flexibility for activities do more and see more

  • Guaranteed group departures

  • Tailor-made expeditions

  • Self-guided expeditions

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8 days 7 nights

Embarking on an adventure multisport trip in Los Llanos, Colombia, guarantees an unforgettable experience filled with adrenaline, natural beauty, and cultural

8 days 7 nights

From the palette of blues of Colombia's Caribbean coast to the breezy Andes mountains, be swept off your feet by the magic...

8 days 7 nights

Venture into one of the most beautiful zones of Colombia, explore the Coffee Region with this multiactivity experience, visit coffee farms ..

9 days 8 nights

A mountain biker’s dream, this expedition is truly exhilarating and one-of-a-kind! Explore the best-of-the-best trails in Ecuador. From amazing single-track in varying ecosystems

8 days 7 nights

Lost City Trek Colombia is one of the most important treks that you can do in South America, discover amazing secrets that Sierra Nevada hide in the middle of this

8 days 7 nights

Join this multi-activity expedition in some of the most beautiful places of Colombia, hike, bike and raft ...

4 days 3 nights

Made for adventurers seeking a human-powered holiday this is the perfect combo for friends or families who want to experience the best of Ecuador, traversing

12 days 11 nights

When you are in the land of All in One Place you might as well take advantage and EXPERIENCE all there is to offer. Made for adventurers seeking a human-powered...

12 days 11 nights

We’ve combined two of our most popular offerings to give you an action-packed family adventure that’s sure to be one for the ages! Paddle and snorkel in the Galapagos...

11 days 10 nights

From the palette of blues of Colombia's Caribbean coast to the breezy Andes mountains, be swept off your feet by the magic of this small South American...

5 days 4 nights

In the middle of nowhere is when you realize you are in the middle of somewhere---somewhere wonderful surrounded by icy peaks, the emerald green of the ...

8 days 7 nights

Immerse yourself in pure nature in the enchanting Galapagos! Made famous by Charles Darwin, this volcanic paradise is home of spectacular endemic species ...

8 days 7 nights

True adventure. Imagine yourself a modern day pioneer, stepping foot on fresh Andean soil, taking in breathtaking sights from a new perspective. This Expedition takes ...

8 days 7 nights

This Multiactivity Expedition takes place in two different regions, Traversing through the heights of the Andes with its spectacular volcanoes down into the ...

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Activexpedition Tour Operator offers a diverse range of outdoor expeditions in Ecuador, Colombia, the Galapagos, and Peru, catering to adventure seekers of all preferences and ages. Whether it's trekking in the Andes or the Amazon, mountain biking through picturesque landscapes, or water sports like white water rafting and snorkeling, Activexpedition has something for everyone.

The company prides itself on experienced guides, tailored family-friendly tours, and personalized experiences. They also offer shared group departures for those looking to meet fellow travelers and create lasting memories together. With a commitment to safety and top-notch equipment, Activexpedition promises unforgettable outdoor adventures in these stunning South American destinations.

Relax and enjoy

Happy Traveler - Reviews Tripadvisor

  • star rating  The tour was very well organized by Christian, he took us to the most beautiful places, delicious restaurants and nice hotels in his comfortable jeep. Very safe and responsable driver! The activities are a lot of fun! Would definitely recommend this tour with Chris!

    Jill v
    September 25, 2023

    star rating  Unbelievable tour, 500x better then expected!  - Woaw woaw woaw, first of all Christian is an amazing tour guide! Really relaxed, he has a lot of knowledge about everything. Brings you to the best restaurants and places. The hikes, rafting, canoeing through the jungle of ecuador is simply amazing. If your doubting to visit Ecuador please do so! It is safe! And the nature is amazing. Never knew Ecuador has so much to offer and ohhh! The people are one of the kindest in the world and the food is AMAZING!!!! And did I already said Woaw pfff Christian thank you so much! We had an amazing trip also because of you! Gracias gracias y otra vez muchas gracias!

    September 23, 2023

    star rating  A memorable trip to Ecuador - The Active Ecuador tour took us to so many beautiful locations and was packed with fun daily activities. There were five travelers total in our group, and by the end of the trip everyone was raving about what an unforgettable experience it was. We were incredibly lucky to have Daniel as our guide and Jorge as our driver - their attentiveness & professionalism was a huge reason the trip was such a success!

    September 20, 2023

    star rating  Exceeded All Expectations! - What a trip! I can hardly think of a better way to take in the amazing Cordillera of Ecuador. The trails were just right, not too easy, not too hard, fun, great exercise (hello high altitude!) and truly breathtaking.
    The accommodations were wonderful, the food was great and our guide, Oscar, was world-class. Probably didn't hurt that we scored perfect weather the whole week too;)
    Ecuador is a very special place and I so look forward to exploring it more in the future. And, when I do find myself in Ecuador again, without hesitation I will make travel plans with ActivExpedition. And, in all honesty, even though I prefer to seek out new and different experiences, I would consider doing a repeat of this biking adventure - It was that enjoyable!
    Thank you, Oscar and Christian, keep up the great work! I hope to be calling upon you again soon.

    September 20, 2023

    star rating  My father and I had a blast at this tour. Chris took us perfectly step by step through the trails, so my father who isn't a downhiller found a good pace for himself.
    As I was traveling with my family, they took care of my mother, who would be alone otherwise. So we all 3 could expierience Cotopaxi differently, but at the same time.
    Tbh. the price seems high, but bike, gear, shuttle, a great guide, fotos and a final cerveza are included 😉

    Flo K
    September 13, 2023

    star rating  Awesome trip, fantastic guide - Just got back from their volcano bike tour in Ecuador... it was amazing! Our guide (Oscar) was the best I've had on any trip... very knowledgable and a fun personality. I was surprised how good the accommodations and food were... most tours I've been on skimp on those things, but Active Expeditions did not. I would say the biking is a little more challenging than they lead on, but I can see where they might take easier routes for anyone struggling... that said, they do have a support car there the whole trip if you need it. I would definitely recommend doing the bike upgrade option... the standard bikes are nice, but the upgraded bikes are amazing and make the trip a lot more fun. For anyone looking to head to this region of South America, I can't recommend these guys enough!

    Brian M
    September 12, 2023

    star rating  Beautiful sights, educational guide, - One of the best trips I’ve ever been on! Our guide, Oscar, was intelligent in all aspects (politics, flowers, astronomy, mountain biking, etc.) and very fun to be around! Cracking jokes and answering almost all my ridiculous questions.
    We biked around Ecuador’s volcanoes and forests during the day, stopping only to take in the beautiful sights or eat a delicious lunch, and at night we crashed in comfortable beds at luxurious hotels and bathed in hot tubs.

    I can think of no better way to explore Ecuador then getting to bike around its most beautiful sights at your own pace. Let alone with local guides. Truly a worthwhile experience that I highly recommend.

    Hunter R
    August 21, 2023

    star rating  We had had a fantastic time visiting Medellin, Santa Marta, and Cartagena in Colombia! Your trip was filled with diverse experiences that showcase the beauty of the country's culture and nature.

    Medellin's charm, Santa Marta's coastal allure, and Cartagena's historic beauty make them three fantastic destinations to explore. We enjoyed the local food and learned about the rich local culture, as immersing oneself in the culture is one of the most rewarding aspects of traveling.

    Exploring the Tayrona National Park through trekking in the Tayrona Forest quite an adventure, this was our first time and it was amazing experience. Meeting with local people and learnt about their culture was an amazing experience.
    Our tour guide Christian was amazing. He had made us fell so comfortable. He is so easy to work with. We made few last minute changes and he was so helpful in making it happen. We highly recommend using ActiveExpedition for your next trip

    July 27, 2023
  • star rating  We went on a tour with Active Adventures, our favorite tour company to The Galapagos Islands. Stayed on four islands. Snorkeled, hiked, biked, Saw blue footed boobies, big land tortoises, and over all had a wonderful experience. We actually went in May of 2017.

    Emily E
    July 26, 2023

    star rating  Our experience was truly outstanding! We know that we were given a unique opportunity that we may never experience again. It was just the two of us on this trip with 2 phenomenal guides. Our guides could answer all of our questions, they provided safe transportation for us to and from the location, they had wonderful and genuine connections with the Waoranis tribe we were visiting and they were flexible with our schedule. We asked to make this trip into a 4 day experience and they accommodated us. Because we shorted the trip by a day they added an experience one of the mornings that we would have missed.

    Food: The hand cooked meals for breakfast lunch and dinner were some of the best we have ever had! Not only were they local dishes but they were absolutely delicious. They were the best we had our entire time in Ecuador! Each and every one was filling, presented beautifully and provided in the shelter made by the one of the Waorani tribal members overlooking a beautiful Laguna. At dinner we ate by candle light sharing wonderful conversations with our guides. If you are lucky enough to have Churri as your cook please tip him nicely at the end.

    Connections: Dani was our guide and he was absolutely outstanding. Not only did he have a tourism degree but he had also gotten his Masters in Biodiversity (or something to that degree). With over 10 years experience leading guided adventures all over Ecuador and Columbia we felt very safe and taken care of by Dani. He knew EVERYTHING about the flora and fauna. He was genuinely excited to teach us about the things we saw along our way, and his ability to communicate these ideas and concepts in English and Spanish was flawless. If all the guides are like Dani through active expeditions on this trip then you will have an unforgettable experience.

    Every time we were on the kayaks or walking in the jungle we were partnered with a Waorani tribal member. Their kids would join and were always helpful. They were very kind, and open to talking in Spanish if you are able to speak Spanish. It was truly an honor that they were willing to open up their home and world to us. On the final day you are invited to their community to harvest Yucca, buy some crafts they have made and see where they live. We did those things, but the most rewarding part was simply getting to hang out, play games with the kids until it got dark outside, and sit in their hut talking and sharing our common curiosities. Our only change to this experience would have been to do this part of our trip sooner so that we would have had these connections throughout the entire trip.

    If you are looking for an experience deeper in the jungle that isn't a cookie cutter Resort experience like the rest of your friends and family that have visited Ecuador than this is the experience for you. The kayaking is light and not too challenging. You'll see animals in their natural habitat with guides who know how and were to look. You'll stay in the jungle in shelters made by the tribal members with all that you need; a bed, a mosquito net, and access to a flushing toilet. The accommodations are simple so that you can have an experience as close to the jungle with modest comforts. The stars are simply outstanding. You'll got to sleep with jungle noises that people pay for and each day will be full and unique.

    This trip was recommended to us from a friend of a friend from Ecuador and we could not be more pleased and thankful for the opportunity. 

    July 20, 2023

    star rating  We are still smitten by the amazing variety offered in this trip and the friendliness and competency of the Active Expedition team. It was such a great treat. Muchas gracias Chris and team. We are already planning the next trip with you!

    July 15, 2023

    star rating  This was a fantastic trip that exceeded my expectations day after day. Byron was an extremely fun and knowledgeable guide who led us safely through a variety of activities. The scenery was incredible—and we saw such a wide variety of landscapes. The waterfall hike in the Amazon was among my favorite hikes in the world.

    July 8, 2023

    star rating  Communication was excellent with the company ahead of starting the trip with any questions answered within several hours.

    The trip itself was amazing. Our guide made sure to set expectations on how long/challenging activities would be, and set us up for success along the way (lots of sunscreen always).

    Hiking, biking, climbing up waterfalls, rafting, and crawling through caves were incredible experiences in very picturesque places.

    The accommodations were all spectacular and food was delicious.

    Between Oscar and Jorge we were safely driven and guided through the Highlands and Rainforest, learning a bit more Spanish & some Kichwa along the way.

    I’d recommend this trip and company to anyone looking for a fun and safe way to experience Ecuador.

    June 29, 2023

    star rating  If you’re a person craving adventure, this is the trip for you!

    Every day was packed with activity and culture. We hiked, biked, rafted, climbed up waterfalls and down caves. I really appreciated how intense each of these were. It wasn’t just a flat hike or a short bike ride, you had to WORK to get through it - but man was it worth it! The guides always set expectations and offered an alternative route in case it was too much, however it’s nice to be able to push myself on a pre-set trip!

    Speaking of the guides, they are top notch! Oscar and Jorge have >20 years experience each and it shows! They went well above the call of duty, really caring we had a good experience.

    Last but not least, the accommodation (which is included) we’re all superb. It’s so nice to have a hot shower in a luxury, jungle side hotel after a day of hiking through the rainforest!

    10/10 don’t miss this trip!

    Clare J
    June 25, 2023

    star rating  Ecuador is the country to visit if you love adventure, unique experiences, jaw dropping scenery, and memories to last a lifetime! Danny Maldonado, from
    Active Expeditions, is extremely knowledgeable in the culture, flora, fauna, geography, history & everything else related to Ecuador. To have a guide that truly cares about his guests and aspires to ensure the greatest experiences for everyone is what made our trip even better. Every moment was more than what we had expected. We would give our trip a solid 10/10!

    Chasie T
    May 21, 2023

    star rating  This was an absolutely amazing trip! We had an amazing time with our extremely knowledgable and fun guide Daniel, and our kind and hilarious driver Andres. We traveled as a family of 6 extremely active adults, and I was worried that the trip would not live up to our preferred level of activity, but everything was amazing. We learned so much on the trip, and had the time of our lives being active and traveling throughout the country everyday. If you are looking for an adventurous and active vacation, book this one!!

    May 15, 2023
  • star rating  All the activities were amazing and surpassed my expectations. It was truly the trip of a lifetime for my family and I. We are all decently fit adults and this trip was the perfect level of activity for those looking for constant adventure. Our local guide (Daniel) definitely made the trip. He was very accommodating and knowledgeable about the area. I was worried about visiting during April in the wet season but it turned out to be amazing weather and we were never stopped by rain. I would definitely recommend this trip to anyone looking for an active and busy vacation, with opportunities for a cultural experience as well.

    Kathryn S
    May 1, 2023

    star rating  My adult children surprised me with this trip to celebrate my upcoming 55th birthday and it was the best most adventurous trip I’ve ever had. Every day was a new and beautiful exploration of Ecuador. Our guide, Daniel, was amazing and full of facts and insights and always attentive to our needs to ensure we were safe, getting the most out of our time and better understanding the people, the culture and the landscapes we were visiting. Our driver did a fantastic job navigating the trip for us and his smile and joy for life was magnetic. We had the trip of a lifetime and will most definitely do more guided trips like this. I’m confident Daniel can adapt the trip if you’re not physically up to all the adventures we had but if you are I’d say book it now and take this trip. It would be hard to say what my favorite part was, because I loved EVERY day but the climbing, hiking, mountain biking, white water rafting and canyoning up waterfalls in the Amazon was breathtaking. The additional guides that the company uses were superb as well. I’ve done a fair amount of white water rafting but our guide was the most fun and engaged guide I’ve ever traveled a river with. Being in the Amazon and staying at the home lodge there, making chocolate, shooting blow guns, climbing UP waterfallsmagical and those memories will be treasured, always! I can’t say enough good stuff about this trip. Only advice would be come ready for some physical adventures and If you don’t live at a high altitude prepare yourself for that challenge. But it’s very well worth it. It’s also great that everything was very well organized and planned, attentive to all details, that is the way to travel in a foreign land.

    Corine S
    April 30, 2023

    star rating  This was definitely the trip of a lifetime. I have always wanted to travel to South America & going to Colombia was such an incredible experience full of biodiverse landscapes, delicious food, culture, & beautiful architecture. We packed so many activities into 8 days & I was really pushed out of my comfort zone (something I kind of hated at the time but am obsessed with now). The hikes were breathtaking and I think we got to see a lot of great cities that I maybe would not have included if I planned my own trip. Christian was such a pleasure & was so knowledgeable, helpful, & hilarious. I felt incredibly comfortable knowing that accommodations were always taken care of & it really helped make the trip stress free so we could just enjoy our time. He also was really considerate about my dietary restrictions & made sure I had options everywhere we went. All of our guides were so great & really made the trip unique & memorable. Cannot recommend this enough & look forward to traveling with y’all again!

    Micaiah G
    April 21, 2023

    star rating  Highly recommend. Every day and every activity is curated by a great team at ActivExpeditions. The trip is a tour of the mountains and jungle that hits all the highlights including lodging, food and ice cream. It’s a busy but rewarding schedule. Will use ActiveExpeditions again if we come back to mountain bike or go to Galapagos.

    Giora P
    April 21, 2023

    star rating  Where to begin! Our family of 3 joined some close friends who are a family of 5 for a trip with ActiveExpeditions in Ecuador. The age ranges were 11 to 56. What an experience! Christian the owner of the company guided our trip and Lobito was his right hand man and driver. They both excel as people in the industry and met and exceeded all of our needs at every step. Christian has a fun, easy going and relaxed personality while keeping us on point with all the logistics of the trip. He made what I can only imagine is endless behind the scenes coordinating look effortless. Lobito besides being a total ham and always always sporting a huge smile is a fantastic top notch driver. We traveled all over and not once did we feel unsafe or find the driving worrisome. He's a pro. The list of daily adventures goes on and on with belly laughs, grueling hikes (I was glad I had altitude sickness pills on board), beating the heat with cliff jumps, kayaking and white water rafting and exploring canyons, waterfalls and caves! Hiking up to basecamp at Cotapoxi was sooooo cool! The trip was an endless list of cool experiences. In addition to all the fun to be had, what felt apart from this trip from other travel we have embarked on was the immersion into the local culture and communities. We rarely if ever ran into other tourist. It felt like we were going to Christian's personal favorite spots through out, staying with his close friends during the overnight homestay and eating at his favorite restaurants. When asked what were our favorite parts of the trip it was impossible to decide and everyone came up with their own favorite experience/s which is a reflection of how the trip is tailored and it literally has something for everyone. Wide range of ages and abilities brought to the table with everyone partaking, challenging themselves, and no one sidelined. It was a total unforgettable blast! We didn't know what to expect and ActiveExpeditions delivered at every single turn. I can not say enough about this company and the people of Ecuador. So welcoming, gracious and kind. Christians love for his country, people and culture shines through. He has a huge heart and this was evidenced early on with the kindness he displayed through out the trip to the local street dogs. The trip was very conscientiously run with leave no to little trace considerations throughout. We added on to this trip a kayaking trip into the Amazon which brought us to an overnight with a local community accessible only via water. The feast they prepared was incredible with resources harvest from the jungle and river. Leaves for a table clothes and fresh fish among other local favorites. We learned about how the community lives, daily life in the jungle, and shamanism. It was unforgettable. This portion of the trip exposed us to the fragility of the amazon ecosystem and the real pressures it faces, pressures that ultimately impact the density and diversity of its wildlife species. We ended the trip on the last day with a day trip to the Otavalo market which was so fun and had an amazing lunch at a spot that Christian recommended. One of the additional unscripted highlights of the trip was a soccer smack down in the jungle between our families "Team Seattle" and our new Ecuadorian Amazon Jungle friends....aka "Team Ecuador". It was hysterical. Literally. It was as if suddenly the Ecuadorian National Team stepped out from the jungle. A few days later, another match, another team. Please someone. Go back, demand a rematch and defend our honor!! We whole heartedly recommend this trip with ActiveExpeditions or any trip whose itinerary speaks to you. Christian is a pro, conscientious, so knowledgeable and has a fantastic personality, you can not go wrong! Thank you so much for showing us your country! We look forward to another adventure with you down the road!

    April 19, 2023

    star rating  This was a trip of a lifetime guided by Christian and ActivExpedition. If you love nature and animals, you will have an amazing experience! The unique volcanic landscape combined with the gorgeous beaches, and incredible lava tunnels will make you want to stay for a long time! You will learn all about the islands, the history, the landscape, and the wildlife! We enjoyed snorkeling, swimming, hiking, biking, kayaking, and taking photos of all the amazing wildlife - turtles, tortoises, iguanas, rays, sharks, sea horses, and so many birds! (Flamingos, blue footed boobies, finches, Darwin vermillion fly catchers, and more!) And, it was so evident how much the people of Ecuador and the Galapagos islands take pride in creating sustainable tourism that focuses on protecting the landscape, wildlife, and local people. We stayed in beautiful hotels with delicious breakfasts served to us each morning. Christian had thought of every detail and I can't recommend this trip enough!

    April 16, 2023

    star rating  This is my second time traveling with Christian - the first trip was in Ecuador, and the second in Colombia. Both trips were fantastic, and I can't wait to go back for another adventure! Christian is friendly, knowledgeable, and has great stories. The trips are thoughtfully planned, and all of the guides and drivers along the way are top notch.

    March 24, 2023

    star rating  We previously did a tour in Ecuador with Christian back in 2018. Everyone had such an amazing time we decided to do another tour with him in Colombia in March 2023. I love these tours because you experience local life and are out in nature. The schedules are full of great activities at beautiful places. I would definitely recommend booking a tour with ActivExpedition.

    March 23, 2023
  • star rating  What an amazing experience!! My husband and I traveled with friends to Ecuador in February 2023. Christian with ActivExpedition was our guide during our visit to the Galapagos Islands. He was amazing! He is knowledgeable, friendly, knows the locals, and made sure our group had a great time.

    We were able to snorkel, hike, sea kayak, and bike during our trip all while seeing incredible wildlife- sea and land turtles, seahorses, flamingos, blue footed boobies, white tipped reef sharks, and eagle rays.

    A trip to the Galapagos Islands has been on my travel wish list for ages. However, I was unsure where to begin with planning. Christian and ActivExpedition made the planning easy. He arranges all of the travel and equipment rental on the islands, which is a huge help. The hotel accommodations were fantastic, too, with comfortable rooms and views of the ocean.

    I hope to be able to return to Ecuador soon for a trip with Christian and ActivExpedition to the Amazon.

    March 19, 2023

    star rating  Wow, that's all I can say about going on an Activexpediition tour with Christian. The flexibility of the schedule (weather, etc) and the choices of activities are fantastic.
    You really feel like you are traveling with knowledgeable family and not with a tour guide. Christian knows everyone and makes whatever you want to do happen. He becomes an instant friend. He is so knowledgeable about everything! But then, he does have 17 years of experience!
    You can't beat a sunrise swim outside your hotel room in warm, turquoise water or drinking microbrew at a local secret. Or snorkeling with penguins, rays, sea turtles. Kicker Rock, Los Tunneles and the Wall of Tears were also terrific.
    Highly recommended!

    March 9, 2023

    star rating  This is a trip of a lifetime! It’s hard to put into words how cool this experience is but I will try. You will bike three unique types of riding, all are very challenging from a downhill perspective. I’m an experienced rider and my skills were put to the test, also my nerves. From rain forest to desert riding you will explore every type of micro climate Ecuador has to offer. If I had to pick my favorite ride it would be the downhill off Cotopaxi volcano. Mostly its a super steep fast and loose downhill; ash mixed with pebble sized rock that you almost “ski” the bike down. It’s unbelievably fun! Then you go thru a mist forest dropping down a ridge that’s a super flowy downhill mixed with some technical steeps.
    Where you stay is a wonderful experience all on its own. Mostly in small towns, non touristy locations that offer great food and hospitality.
    That said, I would have to say our guide José and Valentina were the best part of the trip! Their knowledge and ability to get the most out of you on the bike was not only super rewarding but I had a great time hanging out with them. This is a must for any accomplished Mountain biker. Do yourself a favor and wear long sleeves and enduro type shorts or pants, as the mosquitoes can take a toll on you.

    March 5, 2023

    star rating  When friends asked us to help plan a trip to the Galapagos, we didn't hesitate to recommend Christian and ActivExpedition. This was our third time travelling with him, and it was even more special to introduce him to our friends.

    Everything is so well planned, lodging is exceptional, transports are safe and efficient. I greatly appreciate the minimal use of single-use plastics when it comes to meals and water. The Galapagos is a fragile place, and it is always disappointing to see other tour groups with plastic water bottles and little regard for the enviroment. The hotels all provide purified water for your personal bottles, and during activities Christian always makes sure there is access to water without using disposables.

    The activities are accessible to all ages, nicely varied, and well guided. The snorkeling and animal watching is out of this world (albino manta ray!). Take a good camera and a GoPro-style underwater camera if possible.

    Christian has relationships with all of the good restaurants including local fresh caught seafood, pizza, and of course microbrews where available. The schedule was flexible enough that we even squeezed in a surfing lesson one morning.

    We had two weeks to fill so we started with a mini-tour before we went to the Galapagos. If you have time, I highly recommend the cloud forest mountain bike ride and spending a day or two in Mindo for bird watching.

    March 2, 2023

    star rating  I had an amazing time biking through the cloud forest with Christian and ActivExpedition! I was originally supposed to do the bike trip to Cotopaxi volcano but at the last minute, they closed due to volcanic activity. Christian was able to quickly make arrangements for me to do another bike tour, which I really appreciated. They provide all the gear, high-quality bikes, and lunch. The trip was a perfect combination of exercise (including a very challenging climb at the very beginning) and learning (explanations of the different landscapes and ecosystems we were seeing along the way). Christian also gave me a few tips and pointers to improve my mountain biking technique. Overall, highly recommend ActivExpedition and hope to return to Quito someday to do the Cotopaxi trip with them.

    Corina P
    March 2, 2023

    star rating  Hands down the most mind blowing week of riding I have ever experienced. Every moment of this trip was incredible.

    The guide -- The highest praise goes to Jose, "El Patron" of enduro riding in Ecuador. You can tell that he truly has a deep passion for riding and moreover, for sharing and teaching. So many times I felt underqualified to be riding on this trip but Jose had a way of being able to assess your strengths as a rider and give you the confidence to safely approach the trail. This meant at times that he would recommend taking an easier line or walking the bike itself. While this may seem contradictory to what you pay for - mountain biking - it meant that you never put yourself or your group in any danger. These trails are truly for an advanced rider and if you've spent as much time on trail as Jose has, he has developed an intuition for knowing limits. I can not express just how much he helped me improve as a rider in all facets. Whether I rode, walked, or fell --- I never for a moment lost my giddiness and awe of the experience.

    The team - Christian was quick to respond to questions and easy to reach over email and phone prior to the trip. George --- HOLY MOLY! This man is a zen master of driving in the craziest conditions. Thank you for transporting us safely from one incredible landscape to the next. Valentina and Diego -- Friends of Jose's joined us on different days to enhance our guided experience. They shared their passion and knowledge with our group and improving an already amazing experience.

    The accommodations --- I mean... good luck trying to put together a better itinerary of unique and over-the-top accommodations. Would you like to stay in a literal museum? Or perhaps a hacienda older than most of the US? Maybe a 5-star hotel in the swankiest neighborhood of Quito that will not bat an eyelash when you end your trip, grimy, exhausted, sun-burned and zapped. It was so amazing to fall asleep in beautiful rooms every night, wake up to delicious home-cooked meals every morning with a new juice and fruit to enjoy.

    The trails -- Allow the itinerary to unfold without second guessing. There was clearly so much thought put into the flow of the days and the progression. Each trail prepared you in one way or another for the following day(s). From the insanity of smashing down an active volcano to experiencing the historic Incan Hielieros trail, each day brought new terrain, challenges and successes.

    The food -- Sidenote about the guide, Jose. When he's not shredding, he works on an organic farm in Quito with his girlfriend and her family. Their passion for sustainable agriculture and food becomes one with the trip. Expect amazing, often organic, food and snacks as well as your standard fare. Quick sandwiches for lunch means more time on trail!

    TL;DR - Book this trip now! Leave your whiny friends behind. Bring a fullface helmet, preferably a Smith helmet. Don't be a dork in spandex like me and bring proper enduro gear. Prepare your mind to be blown.

    February 25, 2023

    star rating  This is a trip of a lifetime, absolutely incredible mountain bike riding. Our guides Jose and Valentina made the trip! I can’t thank them enough for their knowledge, kindness and generosity throughout. Ecuador is such an amazing place with wonderful people.

    February 25, 2023

    star rating  An unbelievable experience in the Amazon Jungle in Ecuador! Our guide Chris literally knew everything about the rivers we paddled and the jungle! An easy adventure that is full of once in a lifetime experiences! The beautiful colors of the flora and fauna were just stunning. My 72 year old wife was hesitant about the adventure but once it started she loved it! The people of Ecuador were so friendly and treated us wonderfully! Anything you wanted to know or needed Chris was there with an answer and ready to help you! A five star adventure that even a beginner to an experienced paddler would love!

    February 19, 2023

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Day Tours

Unveiling the Wonders: Day Tours from Quito City

Nestled in the Andes Mountains, Quito City, Ecuador’s vibrant capital, serves as a gateway to an array of awe-inspiring day tours. These tours cater to diverse traveler interests:

Cultural Exploration: Quito’s UNESCO World Heritage-listed Historic Center showcases intricate architecture and historical gems. Visitors can explore the Basílica del Voto Nacional, Compañía de Jesús Church, and the Museo de la Ciudad. Additionally, the Mitad del Mundo offers a chance to straddle the equator and learn about indigenous cultures at the Intiñan Museum.

Natural Wonders: Nature lovers can explore the Quilotoa Crater Lake, hike its rim for panoramic views, or enjoy water activities. The Mindo Cloud Forest promises biodiversity, lush trails, birdwatching, and refreshing waterfalls.

Adventurous Escapades: Thrill-seekers can hike or bike to Cotopaxi Volcano, ride horseback through Páramo landscapes, or experience paragliding and zip-lining over scenic valleys.

Wellness and Relaxation: Travelers can escape urban chaos with spa experiences, hot springs, or yoga in serene natural settings. The Papallacta Hot Springs offer thermal pools amidst lush cloud forests.

Foodie Delights: Culinary enthusiasts can explore local markets, join cooking classes, and savor Ecuadorian dishes like ceviche and churrasco on food tours, celebrating Quito’s diverse culinary heritage.

These day tours unveil Quito’s hidden treasures, offering unforgettable experiences that cater to a wide range of interests.


8 hours

In the morning we will head northbound on the Panamerican Highway, first stopping to catch some spectacular views of San Pablo lake and Imbabura..


One of the most epic DH rides in Ecuador, join and discover off-the-beaten-path trails, have fun in company of local riders with the most amazing views of Cotopaxi.

8 hours

Our day starts with a scenic and mountainous drive northwest of Quito for two hours to the town of Mindo, which is locared in a stunning cloud forest.