Colombia MTB Enduro 8 days $3580

Departure Date

Every Sunday


8 days 7 nights



Maximum Seats


Embark on an exhilarating mountain bike enduro trip through the stunning landscapes of Colombia. Starting in the charming town of Salento, surrounded by lush green coffee plantations and towering mountains, pedal through vibrant coffee farms and immerse yourself in Colombia's rich coffee heritage. Next, venture to the vibrant city of Manizales, known for its steep and challenging terrain, where you'll navigate rugged trails, encounter waterfalls, hidden caves, and diverse wildlife. Finally, explore the outskirts of Medellin, a bustling metropolis that seamlessly blends urban sophistication with natural wonders. Traverse dense forests, rocky terrains, and river crossings, and witness the striking contrast between the city skyline and the untamed wilderness. Throughout your journey, connect with the warm and hospitable Colombian people, savor traditional cuisine, and reflect on the unforgettable experiences that have transformed you. Let the mountains of Colombia ignite your spirit of adventure.
  • Ride some of the Top trails of Colombia

  • Visit farms of the best coffee quality in the planet

  • Ride different kids of terrain in the wilderness of beautiful ecosystems

  • Taste the local gastronomy

  • Explore colorful authentic villages

  • Ride in company of our expert guides

  • Support sustainable tourism

  • Stay in charming hotels

  • Mountain Biking

  • Swimming

  • Culture

  • Wildlife

Moderate to Challenging 4/5
Skill Level 7 – Advanced
Fitness Level 6
  • Year around

  • 12 years old

Full Itinerary

Day 1

Arrival in Bogota Welcome to Colombia! 

Your adventure begins with your arrival in Bogota, the vibrant capital city. Take this day to settle in and explore the city at your own pace. Immerse yourself in the rich culture, visit historical landmarks, and indulge in the local gastronomy. Bogota offers a wide range of culinary delights, from traditional Colombian dishes to international cuisine.

Your guide and driver will wait for you at the airport in Bogota to take you to the hotel.

Overnight: NH Hotel or Similar
Meals Included: none
Day 2

Flight to Armenia and Salento Town

After a hearty breakfast, you'll catch a flight from Bogota to Armenia, a city known for its picturesque landscapes and coffee plantations. From there, you'll make your way to Salento Town, a charming colonial town nestled in the heart of the famous Coffee Triangle. In Salento, you'll have the opportunity to visit a coffee farm and learn about the process of growing and harvesting coffee beans. Immerse yourself in the aromas and flavors of Colombian coffee as you sample some of the finest brews in the world.

Overnight: Hotel Salento Real or Similar
Meals included: Breakfast and Traditional lunch
Day 3

La Linea Bike Park Trails

Get ready for an adrenaline-pumping day of mountain biking at La Linea Bike Park Trails. Located in the lush mountains surrounding Salento, this trail system offers an exhilarating mix of technical descents, thrilling jumps, and breathtaking vistas. As you navigate the trails, you'll be surrounded by stunning natural beauty, with towering trees and vibrant flowers. After an exciting day on the trails, return to Salento for a well-deserved rest.

Overnight: Hotel Salento Real or Similar
Meals included: Breakfast and Traditional lunch
Day 4

Nieblas and Alegria Enduro Trails

Continue your mountain biking adventure with a day on the Nieblas and Alegria Enduro Trails. These trails are known for their challenging terrain and stunning views. As you conquer each descent, you'll be rewarded with sweeping vistas of the surrounding mountains and valleys. Along the way, take a moment to appreciate the diverse flora and fauna that call this region home. After an exhilarating day on the trails, return to Salento for another night of relaxation and also to learn to play the national game of Colombia “Tejo”.

Overnight: Hotel Salento Real or Similar
Meals included: Breakfast and picnic lunch
Day 5

Travel to Manizales and Infernal DH Trail

Today, you'll bid farewell to Salento and make your way to Manizales, another enchanting city in the Coffee Triangle. Upon arrival, you'll embark on a thrilling downhill ride on the Infernal DH Trail. This trail is famous for its steep descents, technical sections, and adrenaline-pumping jumps. After the exhilaration of the trail, you'll visit a sugarcane farm where you'll learn about the traditional methods of harvesting and processing sugarcane. Sample some of the delicious products made from sugarcane before settling in for the night in Manizales.

Overnight: Termales El Otoño or Similar
Meals included: Breakfast and traditional lunch
Day 6

El Cairo Trails

Today, early in the morning we will continue our adventure traveling by car for about 2 hours, we will enjoy some of the most epic trails of this region; known as “El Cairo” this area is a complex of several Enduro and DH trails, we will have the opportunity to ride through farms of mango, guanabana, cocoa beans, coffee, sugar cane and also through some tropical forest, we will pass by the local trapiche where they make liquor and panela “sugar blocks”. Along one of the trails we will also stop to try some local fresh juices.

All these trails are maintained by the local community, your visit supports ecotourism and development for this families.

Later we will travel to Medellin, the "City of Eternal Spring." At night, indulge in the local cuisine, from traditional Colombian dishes to fusion creations, and experience the lively nightlife that Medellin has to offer.

Overnight: Dix Hotel or Similar
Meals included: Breakfast and lunch
Day 7

Pan de Azucar Trail

On your penultimate day of the trip, get ready for an epic mountain biking experience on the Pan de Azucar Trail. This trail offers a mix of challenging climbs and thrilling descents, all set against the backdrop of breathtaking landscapes. As you ride through lush forests and traverse rocky terrain, keep an eye out for unique wildlife and stunning panoramic views. After an unforgettable day on the trails, return to Medellin for a final night of celebration.

Overnight: Dix Hotel or Similar
Meals included: Breakfast and picnic lunch
Day 8


It's time to say goodbye to Colombia as you prepare for your departure. Take a moment to reflect on the incredible experiences and memories you've made during your mountain biking adventure. Depart with a sense of fulfillment, knowing that you've explored some of the most beautiful trails Colombia has to offer. Until next time, Colombia awaits your return for more thrilling adventures.

Meals Included: Breakfast

Let's design your adventure

    • Private transport

    • Airport transfers

    • One domestic flight from Bogota to Armenia

    • English speaking guide

    • Meals described on the itinerary

    • Hydration 

    • Hotel for 7 nights

    • All fees to parks and reserves

    • Bike or gear (Full Suspension MTBs Available for rent: 80usd per day).

    • Travel insurance.

    • Meals not mentioned on the itinerary.

    • Tips for guides and drivers.

    • Itinerary Disclaimer: Even though we have a detailed itinerary, changes can be made by your guides, due to weather or safety reasons. Please also note that none of the wildlife sightings mentioned on the itinerary are guaranteed.

    • Visas and Passports: Make sure you check your visa and passport validity and requirements per country. It is important your passport is valid for at least 6 months before your travel.

    • Accommodation: We strive to use small and charming places that are unique and provide stellar service.

    • Single Supplement Costs: Generally this fee is not incurred as we match you with another person of the same gender in a twin room, but if you prefer not to share and have your own room, then there will be an associated fee

    • Transportation: Driving time can take more than expected in Colombia, as it is a country with roads meandering through the Andes mountains. We assure your comfort during transit no matter the size of the group.

    • Gear: At Activexpediton we always make sure our guests have top of the line gear from well-known and reputable international brands as we understand that the best gear gives extra confidence to our riders.

    • Level of Activity: This trip is considered as 4 out of 5. Guests need to have experience riding blue and black trails on different kind of terrains.

    • Weather and Elevation: The Climate of Colombia is characterized for being tropical and isothermal as a result of its geographical location near the Equator presenting variations within five natural regions and depending on the altitude, temperature, humidity, winds and rainfall. Each region maintains an average temperature throughout the year only presenting variables determined by precipitation during a rainy season caused by the Intertropical Convergence Zone. The climates in Colombia are characterized for having tropical rainforests, savannas, steppes, deserts and mountain climate, mountain climate further divided into tierra caliente (hot land) tierra templada (temperate land) tierra fría (cold land), tierra helada (frozen land) and Páramo. Sometimes the weather of Colombia is altered by the seasons in northern hemisphere, for example, from March to June, the weather is mild Spring, from June to August the weather is hot Summer, From September to December the weather is cool Autumn, and from December to March the weather is cold Winter. This happens very rarely, and it is usually a slight difference.

    • Sustainability: We do our best to not produce any trash; we believe that recycling is not enough, so we try to avoid using any plastic or materials that pollute our environment. Every day we work towards being a zero-waste tour operator and our staff is well trained to leave the least impact possible in our service areas. We also work with local indigenous communities in the different regions. By doing so we are able to teach our guests about the rich culture Colombia, all the while helping the people preserve their traditions and lands. By working directly with local peoples, we are able to create a sustainable touristic income for the community.

    • Guides: All our guides have a professional background from the Tourism University; this means they have a degree in guiding, so their knowledge and skills when leading a group are top-notch. Each guide has many years of experience and they all have taken additional courses for other outdoor activities as well as have International First-Aid certifications. On top of all of this, they are all extremely personable and strive to deliver travel experiences of a lifetime.

    • Heath advices: no vaccinations needed for this trip

    We do recommend travelling light for this expedition.  A duffel bag of 50 litters for your luggage and a backpack of 20 litters for daily activities should be sufficient. In Colombia, the weather can change drastically especially when you are moving from the Andes into the cloud forest.

    • Your bike and full MTB gear

    • Passport

    • Credit card

    • Two pairs of lightweight hiking pants

    • Two pairs of shorts

    • Three pairs of biking shorts or pants

    • One bathing suits

    • 3 – 4 Biking Jerseys

    • One cotton T-shirt

    • One water T-shirt

    • One fleece

    • One rain jacket

    • One pair of rain pants

    • Two buffs

    • One pair of tennis shoes

    • One pair of water sandals or similar

    • Optional – personal cleats and shoes

    • Optional – pads for extra protection

    • One- or two-night outfits

    • One cap or hat

    • Sunscreen

    • Sunglasses

    • Mosquito repellent

    • Camera

    • Head lamp

    • Optional binoculars

    NOTE: Laundry is available almost at every location and it is cheap, this helps traveling light too.

    Price based on number of guests:


    $3222/per person

    • All premium features

    • Solo travelers are welcome on sharing room basis otherwise single supplement applies

    • Apply on these dates

    2 - 3 guests

    $3580/per person

    • All premium features

    • Every sunday

    4 or more guests

    $2600/per person

    • All premium features

    • Every sunday

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