Bike Mechanic Tips / Essential Tool Kit

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When we are going to ride our bikes the most common questions are

┬┐What do I need if I have a mechanic problem?

Can I fix this bike by myself?

Well here you can find some basic tips if you get a mechanic problem or flat tire during your rides.

First the basics, you need a couple of tools that every ride should know how to use. Every cyclist should have in their backpacks, jersey back pockets or saddlebag:

– Spare tube

– Patches, glue and sandpaper.

– Set of tire levers

– A multi-tool that must include an Allen wrench set from 2mm to 8mm size and both Flathead and Phillips screwdrivers.

– Just In case a pair of rubber or nitrile gloves to keep clean your hands from chain grease.

This is the basic tool set that you need in case of a mechanic problem during your rides.

Follow us for our next mechanic tips that every cyclist should know.

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